Easy and reliable wing for beginners and accuracy

The RHYTHM is an easy EN/LTF A glider which is suitable for entry-level pilots and for use in accuracy competitions.

The RHYTHM is designed design is mainly with a focus towards safety and maximum forgiveness, but also with an eye to handling and performance.

The RHYTHM achieves a high level of passive safety by providing great stability and long brake travel. These attributes make it the perfect choice for both new and progressing pilots.

The RHYTHM is one of the safest LTF/EN-A class gliders, proven by the certification test results in all maneuvers.

RHYTHM: be easy, have fun and stay safe.


Technical data

the sizeCП Light-26CП Light-33CП Light-42
Takeoff weight, kg85110140
the size26.0633.542.7
PPG takeoff weight, kgне более 6не более 6не более 6
Glider weight, kg1440 гр1760 гр.1440 гр
Glider weight, kgсм 27x12x8см 30x14x9см 30x14x9
Glider weight, kg1160 гр1470 гр1810 гр