Ion-II is a further evolution of our training kite Ion. During 2011-2012 we have been developing technology which increase stability and comfort of the valves kites. This technology is so impressed us in creating the kite Xtazy 2, so we decided to apply it in the "fresh" kite Ion. As a result we got more reliable and comfort "machine" - Ion-II.
This kite is designed for people who decided to try kite first time in their life, free rider beginners, also for long cruise and weekend kiters. Universal valves construction and inside drainage let to use Ion-II in winter and on the water in summer.
Despite on the externally geometric data, on the running characteristics Ion-II comparable with kites with more elongation of previous generations. Reliably high aerodynamic quality leave the owner in thoughts "can go wherever i wish". Riding on Ion among higher-level sporting kites you will never fell yourself " deprived beginner".
Wide wind range Ion-II let to implement the old kiter's dream, to use one size of kite for all kind of wind from 3-4 m/s to 12-14 m/s*. Kite draft stays constant from the start and does not increase like an avalanche according to speed increasing. During the same wind force bar location can match more comfortable draft and speed: can slowly enjoy the scenery, you can go faster with greater draft.
Despite on the wind wind range, Ion-II does not loose control on the all way dipower and stays easy and understandable in control. There is possibility of changing by the user the speed on the kite control. More inhibited control fits for the beginners and fast reaction - for the experienced users. Certainly, from the kite such purpose requires increased stability in turbulence, soft and smoothing in wind tugs behavior. Ion-II fully meets these requirements. But a special, extra attention was paid to issues of safety, ability to fully relieve traction in a strong wind. For these purposes, the kite is equipped with high-Ion insurance "fifth line", which can be quickly installed or demount by the user.

Stability and simplicity of the kite Ion-II in combination with decent running characteristics; Comfortable behavior in turbulence; opportunity to pick up a comfortable ride for traction; high-strength, long-lived "parachute" materials - all this makes it attractive for many years.

* bottom and top wind kite limit depends on the surface type: water-snow-ice, degree of air turbulence, also weight and user experience.














5-th line: Bulletin №1/13